sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010


Listen Baby...

Ain't no mountain high
Ain't no valley low
An't no river wide enough, baby

If you need me call me
No matter where you are
No matter how far
Don't worry baby

Just call my name
I'll be there in a hurry
You don't have to worry

'Cause baby there ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough
To keep me from gettin' to you, babe

Oh no, darlin'

No wind, no rain, no winter's cold can stop me baby

No no baby

'Cause you are my goal!

If you're ever in trouble
I'll be there on the double
Just send for me
Oh baby!

My love is alive
Right down in my heart
Although we are miles apart

If you ever need a helping hand,
I'll be there on the double
Just as fast as I can

2 comentarios:

  1. Muy buena para comenzar el día!!!!!

  2. ¡eso mismo he pensado al publicarla!¡Que pases un buen finde,muas!